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Smackdown Results - 6/17/11


Sheamus earned the opportunity to compete for the World Title
Despite the fact that Randy Orton was diagnosed with a concussion, he made it clear he wanted immediate physical retribution against Christian. However, because GM Theodore Long had not received Orton’s official medical clearance, he refused to allow The Viper to compete on SmackDown.

Interrupting Christian’s subsequent taunting of the World Heavyweight Champion, Sheamus made it clear that his non-title victory over Orton one week ago should have earned him a World Title match. As a result, Teddy Long decided that Christian and Sheamus would face off in the main event, giving Orton a ringside seat. If The Celtic Warrior won, he would be added to the World Title Match at Capitol Punishment this Sunday.

Christian def. Sheamus
Just when The Celtic Warrior looked ready to execute a superplex to Christian off the top rope, his crafty opponent dropped back and caused Sheamus’ head to smack against the steel ring post. Seizing the opportunity, the No. 1 contender to the World Heavyweight Championship jumped into the ring and quickly pinned his Irish adversary. As a result, Sheamus was denied an opportunity to join the World Title match this Sunday at Capitol Punishment.

When Randy Orton jumped into the ring moments after the bell, Captain Charisma fled up the ramp. Nevertheless, The Viper sent him a powerful message by punting the war-torn Sheamus in the head. Will a concussion keep WWE’s Apex Predator from overcoming the resourceful Christian this Sunday?



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