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Raw Results - 06/20/11


SmackDown GM Theodore Long arranged main event match

There are losers and there are sore losers. And then there are R-Truth, Christian
and The Miz. After coming up empty last night, the three complained to SmackDown
General Manager Theodore Long until he agreed to arrange a Six-Man Tag Team
Match main event pitting WWE Champion John Cena, World Heavyweight Champion
Randy Orton & Alex Riley against Truth, Christian & Miz.

WWE Champion John Cena, World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton & Alex Riley
def. R-Truth, Christian & The Miz in an Elimination Tag Team Match

While members of the WWE Universe were busy exercising their rights, R-Truth, Christian
& The Miz were busy exercising their mouths. The three came up short at Capitol Punishment
the night before and had complained to SmackDown GM Theodore Long, who finally arranged
a match for them against WWE Champion John Cena, World Heavyweight Champion
Randy Orton & Alex Riley.

The only question that remained was under which stipulation would the six fight? The WWE
Universe determined they would battle in an Elimination Match (79%), far surpassing the
one fall to a finish (15%) and 20-minute time limit (6%) options.

When the bell rang, the tension reverberating between the six Superstars was clearly evident.
Hot off his massive victory over Miz, A-Ry appeared pumped. He took the fight to Christian and
his former boss like a veteran ring leader. Although the aggression was impressive, Riley found
himself the first to be eliminated. Next up, Miz and R-Truth would fall in close succession,
leaving Christian to tackle both Cena & Orton.

Captain Charisma grew so excited at having eliminated the World Heavyweight Champion
that he appeared not to remember The Champ remained in the bout. As Christian occupied
himself with Cena, The Viper slithered in and nailed him with a surprise RKO. The move
allowed the WWE Champion to snap on the STF, forcing Christian to tap out and handing
Cena’s squad the victory.



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