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Smackdown Results - 6/24/11


Christian got another chance at the World Title
Although Teddy Long said the referee’s decision at Capitol Punishment is final, he agreed to give Christian another chance at the World Heavyweight Championship if he could defeat Kane in the night’s main event.

Kane def. Christian by Disqualification
After a controversial loss to Randy Orton at Capitol Punishment, Christian was given the chance to earn a World Title Opportunity by Teddy Long if he could beat Kane. But during the battle, Mark Henry came calling, brutally attacking Kane, resulting in an immediate disqualification.

Christian & Mark Henry def. World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton & Kane
Hope is still alive for Christian. Although his loss to Kane in a World Title qualifying match hit him hard, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long gave him a second chance. Due to Mark Henry’s interference in the qualifying bout with Kane, Long ordered up a tag team battle. If Christian’s team won, he’d earn a World Title opportunity.

Fighting tooth-and-nail, Christian and Mark Henry took on The Big Red Monster and World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton. Sacrificing himself, Christian took an RKO from Orton. But before The Viper could capitalize, he instantly found himself in Henry’s waiting clutches and the victim of The World’s Strongest Slam.



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