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Smackdown Results - 7/08/11


TUCSON, Ariz. – As WWE Money in the Bank lurks on the horizon, Christian
antagonized World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, Sheamus nearly
toppled The Viper in an explosive main event and Mark Henry continued to
rage against the machine.

Sheamus attacked the Money in the Bank Ladder Match competiton
Interrupting Sheamus, Christian revealed that his legal team added a new
stipulation to his World Title Match against WWE’s Apex Predator at Money
in the Bank. If Orton gets disqualified or there is more “bad officiating,” he
automatically wins the coveted title (Preview). SmackDown General Manager
Theodore Long then broke up a heated exchange between the two intense
Superstars, making the main event between Sheamus and Orton.

World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton def. Sheamus by Disqualification
The ultra-resentful Christian – No. 1 contender to Randy Orton’s World
Heavyweight Title (Preview) – joined the SmackDown announce team, giving
himself a front row seat as The Viper battled Sheamus. And just when it
looked as if WWE’s Apex Predator was about to defeat The Celtic Warrior
with the RKO, his Money in the Bank adversary attacked, giving Orton the
win by disqualification. As Sheamus delivered the big boot to Christian,
however, Orton recovered and hit the Irish Superstar with a post-match RKO.



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